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Hawaiian High Islands Ecoregion
This page last revised 15 NOV 2016 -- S.M.Gon III

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Forest bird
Forest bird habitat was the focus of our first Hawaiian conservation campaign (1981-83).

feral ungulates
Alien species, such as feral ungulates, are a prevailing threat to native ecological systemsin Hawai‘i.


Conductingan assessment of the Hawaiian Ecoregion took years of work. Thankfully,the many federal, state, and private entities that have engaged inconservation in the Hawaiian Islands over the decades represent a hugebody of research, data, and strategic thinking, all of great value toThe Nature Conservancy's ecoregional planning efforts.

The ERA II Team wouldlike to thank many individuals and agencies that provided data,discussion, and feedback on this plan, directly and indirectly, fromour initial work in 1996-98 to our current 2004-2006 iteration. Whilewe takefull responsibility for the conclusions and limitations of thisassessment, we acknowledge with great appreciation the supportand shared goal of protection of our irreplacable naturallegacy. 

Mahalo a nui iā ‘oukou a pau

[Great thanks to all of you!]
happyface spider
Theridion grallator Simon
Hawaiian happyface spider
an endemic invertebrate

Photo Acknowledgements
Thanks to the many photographer/naturalists in Hawai'i whohave contributed over the years to the Conservancy's photo archives:Randy Bartlett, Dave Boynton, Gerry Carr, Betsy Gagne, Sam Gon III, Alan Holt, Jim Jacobi, Jack Jeffrey, Cameron & Angela Kay Kepler, Charlie Lamoureux, Joel Lau, Art Medeiros, Trae Menard, Ed Misaki, Bill Mull, Ron Nagata, EricNishibayashi, John Obata, Rob Pacheco, H. Douglas Pratt, Allan Rietow, Dan Sailer, Rob Shallenberger, Forest & Kim Starr, Lani Stemmermann, Grady Timmons, Eric Vanderwerf, Ric Warshauer.

National Park Service
Bryan Harry, Guy Hughes, Larry Katahira, Melia Lane-Kamahele, Rhonda Loh, Sandy Margriter, Don Reeser, Chuck Stone, Tim Tunnison

US Fish & Wildlife Service
Donna Ball, Marie Bruegmann, Jeff Burgett, Jack Jeffrey, Rod Lowe, Stephen Miller, Christa Russell, Robert Smith

US Geological Service/Biological Resources Discipline
Kevin Brinck, Marcos Gorreson, Jim Jacobi, Lloyd Loope, Art Medeiros, Linda Pratt, Thane Pratt, Jon Price, Forest & Kim Starr, Bill Steiner, Phillip Thomas

US Army
Kapua Kawelo, Lena Schell, Mike Walker, Krista Winger

University of Hawai‘i
Gerald Carr, Sheila Conant, Charles Lamoureux, Mike Kido, Dieter Mueller-Dombois, Lani Stemmermann

Hawai‘i State Department  of Land & Natural Resources
Nick Agorastos, Yoshiko Akashi, Michael Buck, Ron Cannarella, Ian Cole, Scott Fretz, Lisa Hadway, Bob Hobdy, Randy Kennedy, Christian Mitchell, Christine Ogura, Byron Stevens

Bishop Museum
Allen Allison, Lu Eldredge, Neal Evenhuis, Clyde Imada

National Tropical Botanical Gardens

Dave Bender, Steve Perlman, Ken Wood

Hawai‘i Biodiversity and Mapping Program
(formerly Hawai
i Natural Heritage Program)
Dan Dorfman, Luciana Honigman, Roy Kam, Joel Lau, Megan Laut, Dwight Matsuwaki, Dan Orodenker, Selima Siddiqui

The Nature Conservancy
Sam Aruch, Suzanne Case, Melissa Chimera, Jordan D'Olier, Kerri Fay, Jon Giffin, Denny Grossman, Jonathan Higgins, Alan Holt, Russel Kallstrom, Ed Misaki, Laura Nelson, Audrey Newman,  RobShallenberger, Trae Menard, Wayne Ostlie, Dan Sailer, Marigold Zoll

Kamehameha Schools
Kalani Fronda,
Peter Simmons, Namaka Whitehead

Watershed Partnerships
Chris Brosius, Greg Hansen, Jordan Jokiel, Alex Michailidis, Jill Miller, Tanya Ruberstein, Darrell Stokes, Jason Sumiye

Right: the landscape of EastMoloka‘i.
Thenative ecological systems of the high islands of Hawaii are a biological legacyof immense value to the world. 

Remote area management
Bringing active management to priority ecological systems isthe primary goal.

Watershed partnersThe conservation mission is impossible without the cooperative efforts of many partners.

Stratification Units for Hawaii

And as my good friend Rico would say:
Maraming Salamat Po! Thank you very much, Rico!